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Money Honey wants to help you make it through the life's obstacles, invest time to improve your financial future and help you grow your wealth and security- we will be there with you through life's ups and downs, the good bits and the bad until you reach the Money- Honey!

Neither a borrower or a lender be? It's usually the savers who suffer most!

Your financial life will tend to be a constant balance between what you earn versus what you spend and whether you can use the difference to start building a nest egg for the future while protecting those savings from the ravages of inflation, low returns and any unnecessary taxes. Let us not forget that your ability to earn also needs protecting. As your life progresses, this balance will alter and change to meet your needs and objectives at that time. Eventually, you will want to pass on your legacy to your loved ones and the causes you care most about in the most tax-efficient way possible.






Everyone aspires to raise their standard of living, building wealth and assets for themselves and their family- this is often called the accumulation stage. Ideally, as a rule of thumb, everyone should start to save 10% of their earnings to put towards their future. These savings if invested for them to grow can then be allocated accordingly, for shorter-term needs, the medium-term for more significant purchases or long-term savings for retirement years. 


As you get older you may decide to work less or even retire completely and as your earnings drop, you will need to see how your investments and assets can fund an income to cover your spending. You will hopefully live a very long and healthy life and be very active in your retirement years so these funds may have to last you 30-40 years and eventually may even have to support you through your long-term care needs.


When your finances are more settled, you will probably start to think about how you may want to distribute any excess savings while you are alive or distribute your estate when you die. There are certain limits above which your estate may be subject to an inheritance tax of 40% (2020/2021), yet some very straightforward estate planning can reduce and even remove this tax and direct your estate to your family instead. 


Throughout all of these stages, there is a need to protect what you do have and your ability to earn in the future and provide emergency funds for unexpected eventualities. This could include protection of your income, protection in the event of death, writing a will to protect your family, writing a power of attorney against incapacity. Not things anyone likes to think about, but until you have saved enough to cover every eventuality there are ways to fill the gap- again a balance between providing for what you need versus having enough saved to cover the costs.

Investments and pensions can fall as well as rise and you may get back less than you invested.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax and trust advice.

Accumulate wealth, not fees with a choice of services

We are one of a few firms that can provide you with a guidance service, a self-service and a full-advice service so you can choose exactly what suits your knowledge and experience and your budget. You can work with us transactionally only, or you can retain us, and we then become your long-term advisor, constantly looking after your interests. 





Full Advice

We recognise that for many people, you know a bit about what you want to do, may even have spent some time reading articles on the internet, but just aren't quite confident in making your decision yet.

For only £40 for a 20-minute consultation, you can ask the Money Honey anything you want, and she will help you understand and make sense of your options. This would not be a personal recommendation, the decision on what you do will be yours, and there are no regulatory protections- but this may be exactly what you need. 


You will probably be at the start of your savings or investment journey and don't want to pay the fees for full-advice but need a straightforward and simple way to start investing where you know your money is being well-looked after. Invest from as little as £100 a month in a range of what is known as 'passive' funds which follow leading market indices and as such are cheaper than more actively managed funds. This is a restricted service as we can only deal with ISA and GIA savings, but you can be confident that they are managed whatever size they grow to

Full Advice

With all the regulatory protections this service provides, we will also let you go as far as you want in the process and will only charge for the parts you use. You can choose to have your situation

analysed and shortfalls calculated; move on to a personal recommendation: help with implementation, and protect yourself  with ongoing service or stop at any stage.

We offer a few extras; if you have used the guidance service initially and subsequently decide to take the full advice, we will reimburse your guidance fees. 

Tech Top-up

As our service is completely online we offer you 20 minute Tech Top-up sessions on how to use Microsoft Teams for meetings and how to use your own Personal Financial Portal- your first session is FREE, further sessions can also be obtained at £25 for 20-min lesson so use as much or as little as to want.

About Us

We specialise in helping you with the complexity of using your savings and assets to provide the income and the security you require as you move from full- time work to full-time retirement and all the stages in-between. We take into account your later life needs and construct financial plans to enable you to pass on your hard-earned life savings to future generations effectively and tax-efficiently. 


Money Honey is different. We offer a completely digital experience utilising the internet, video-conferencing and secure communications. This allows us to keep our fees permanently low and this enables us to provide the most efficient service we can without having to pass on the usual fixed costs of plush offices, printed brochures that no-one reads and other overheads. As a result, we can offer you substantial savings as long as you are prepared to work this way. Don't worry; you will be able to see us and talk to us just as if we were in the room, so you can really get to know us and everything that we stand for. Our ethos is all about ethics, professionalism, doing what we promise and making sure you get what you want out of this vital service.  

Our Achievements

We are Chartered Financial Planners

We are proud to say that Money Honey has been awarded Corporate Chartered Status by the Chartered Insurance Institute, one of the highest accreditations in the industry. The Chartered Financial Planners status is considered to be the ‘gold standard’, held only by firms which demonstrate their professional commitment to raising standards of knowledge, capability and ethical practice. Over the years we have constantly continued to ensure colleagues acquire and retain the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver the highest quality service and advice.


Personal Finance Societies Pension Transfer Gold Standard. Helping you recognise good practice, ethical and professional standards when seeking financial advice on pension transfers.

Supported by the Personal Finance Society, its ultimate purpose is to promote greater understanding of vulnerability, encourage appropriate behaviours and establish good practice amongst personal finance professionals in respect of people who find themselves in vulnerable circumstances.

We are always proud to receive recognition in professional awards and accreditations.

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Best Use of Technology by an Adviser


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The people behind Money Honey Financial Planning
Tim Collyer

Tim Collyer

Client Relationship Manager

Jane Hodges

Jane Hodges

Managing Director Chartered Financial Planner

Richard de Jongh

Richard de Jongh

Client Relationship Manager

Shalina Lunn

Shalina Lunn


Rod Reed

Rod Reed

Director Technology & Marketing

Katie Whitworth

Katie Whitworth


Rachael Varney

Rachael Varney


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+44 207 193 6935

20-22 Wenlock Road

London N1 7GU

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A short chat to get to know each other and to decide if I can help you and on what basis.
Initial Consultation
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Money Honey Financial Planning is a trading style of 4 The Record Compliance LTD, registered in England & Wales, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London, N1 7GU. Registered Number: 08107961.

4 The Record Compliance LTD is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and is entered on the FCA register Number 772350. This can be verified via the online FCA register at  or by contacting the FCA on 0800 111 6768

If you are unhappy with our service


If you have a complaint about your advisor or any financial advice you have received from your advisor, please contact us:



Tel: +44 203 286 1648

If you cannot settle your complaint with us, you may be entitled to refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service ( )

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